Movie Quotes from Man Who Knew Too Much, The: Quotes from the movie Man Who Knew Too Much, The

If you ever get hungry, our garden back home is full of snails. We tried everything to get rid of them. We never thought of a Frenchman!

Sorry we were gone so long, but we had to pick up Hank!

You have muddled everything from the start, taking that child with you from Marrakesh. Don’t you realise that Americans dislike having their children stolen?

It’s not a person, it’s a place.

Let that be a lesson to you. Never have any children.

When are we going to have another child? You’re the doctor, you have all the answers.

You take the brat … You would have this child!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Man Who Knew Too Much, The’: Quotes from the movie ‘Man Who Knew Too Much, The’

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