Movie Quotes from Man Who Knew Too Little, The: Quotes from the movie Man Who Knew Too Little, The

#1) So whats the pay like then?
#2) They pay all your expenses, you’re licensed to kill. But there’s a down side.
#1) What’s that?
#2) Torture
#1) There’s the women though.
#2) Well, they’re nice after the torture, beleive me.

#1) That’s not much of a car they’ve given you though, is it?
#2) Oh, it’s a piece of crap. I’ve got an Aston Martin, had trouble with the surface to air missiles, so it’s in the shop.

– Barbara, I’m with Blockbuster in Des Moine.
– Oh, so you’re not a producer?

– Sis? Let’s have a hug. Aren’t you a sweet little pocket rocket. I thought you were an uptight English gal.
– Hello, I’m Mrs Richie. May I help you?
– You’re Barbara?
– I’m Mrs Richie. And this is our maid.

– So am I speaking to an actor or a human?
– Neither Sir, I’m a policeman.

– We DO have to do cleanup after?
– Always.

– You’re acting. – I’m not acting. Are you? – Well, I guess we’re both actors. In the Theatre of Life, I mean.

–What are you? C.I.A.? Mafia?

1. So what are you…CIA? Mafia? 2. Both.

1. Uh, she told me about the letters.
2. Letters, letters … what letters?
1. THE letters. She told me about them. I know all about the letters. How do you think I know? She told me, that’s how I found out.

Are those real tears? how do you do that? do you poke your eyes, or do you have someone else poke your eyes? or do you think my dog is

Are those real tears? how do you do that? do you poke your eyes, or do you have someone else poke your eyes? or do you think my dog isdead

Are you going to bring me that martini or do I have to suck it out of the glass from here?

Blockbuster Video, De Moines Iowa

Everyone, this is Lori. She’s the Defense Minister’s call girl.

Get away from that phone! (Gun goes off) Whoa, that was loud.

I know a couple of guys that are gonna fire up a couple of ambassadors at 11:59 tonight

I want a stairmaster, I want a juicemaster, I want a thighmaster, and I want a buttmaster. And if you can’t give it to me, I’m going back to Des Moines!

my dog is dead…my dog is dead…

Of course he didn’t show you any ID you idiot, he’s a secret agent.

Please don’t call me by my real name, it destroys the reality I’m trying to create.

Police are wanting to question a Mr. Wallace Richie, an American.

Russian explosive is perfect. Will destroy everything in 5 meter circle and nothing else. Maybe you do not trust Made in Britian timing mechanism!

Tiiime out. You just cannot yell into somebody’s ear. It does damage.

Time out! I got something in my eye!

Time out! Time out! I got something in my eye, jagoff!

Yo matey…you stabed me with your pen…daddy, can I borrow the keys to the station wagon?

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