Movie Quotes from Man in the Iron Mask, The: Quotes from the movie Man in the Iron Mask, The

(1)What gives you the right to judge me, to play god with the lives of others? Is it because you are so much holier than everyone else? (2) Well, there is that , but also because I am more intelligent than anybody else.

(1)you are constantly surrounded by beautiful women. Do you love any of them? (2) Quite frequently actually…

1) Anne, I know to Love you is a treason against France…but to not Love you is a treason against my heart… 2)Then we shall both die traitors

1) Bless me Father…for I have sinned 2) And so have I

1) Porthos….(2)…huh?..(1)..I’m praying..(2) I just said you’re praying, are you deaf too? I know you’re blind because if you had seen the tits that just walked out of here you’d have tears in your eyes. (1)Sometimes there are more important things to life than a good pair of tits. (2)….really?

1) WHat is Porthos doing ? 2) Walking into the barn naked . Or so it would seem . 1) To do what ? 2) To hang himself I should think . He’s been threatening to do it for months .

1)…if you can name me one thing, one single thing that is more sublime than the feeling of a plump pink nipple between my lips…I’ll build you a new cathedral…(2) Forgiveness. (1) Forgiveness??….[stops to think]…[Farts loudly]…Forgive me…Forgive me…

All my life all I ever wanted to be was him.

All my life…all I ever wanted to be…was him…

An Oath is an Oath precisly because it CANNOT be broken

And as for you my brother, back to the prison you shall go and into the mask you hate. WEAR IT UNTIL YOU LOVE IT! And die in it.

And the next time there are rioters, shoot them.

Aramis! You did this! You know I would try to kill myself, and you sawed the beam!

Athos, if we fail in this attempt–and we probably will–It will be an honor to die with you.

D’artagnon, they are young musketeers. They have been weened on our stories. Tis an advantage.

Even if I could give up my king, I could never give up my son. I loved your mother. I love her still. I never knew you existed, and I have never felt pride as a father until now.

For my country, for my king…I bought peace with your life…and with my soul…

For one moment, I thought you had become the king I had always hoped you’d be.

I am a young king. But I am king.

I am Porthos! I defy the king!

I know that to love you is a treason against France. But not to love love is a treason against my heart.

I think it is possible to love one woman for all of your life and be the better for it.

I wear the mask, it does not wear me.

I’m going to hang myself…as soon as I am sober.

It hurts when I piss and it hurts when I shit

It’s Judgement Day!

Louis!!…He’s your brother.

Magnificent Valor!

Make love like you don’t care….and fart whenever you wish.

May god be with you for none of us will

More Wine! Where is everybody?

My sword is bent

No, my love, you will burn in hell, I will not, because I am king, ordained by God.

Our old uniforms . I was saving them . So that we might wear them in death …. AND SO WE SHALL !

Sometimes there are more important things in life than a good pair of tits

The corridor nullifies our numbers, and no one has the stomach to fight the Captain.

The greatest mystery of life is finding out who we truly are.

The next time we meet, one of us will Die!!!

The next time we meet, one of us will die.

The next time we met, one of us will Die!!!

The only problem is, I am the general of the order of Jesuits.

We’re all God’s instruments.

Wear it until you love it! And die in it!

Well I’m a genius , not an engineer .

Well I’m a genius, not an engineer…

When I find out the…identity…of this Jesuit rebel…I will kill both him and the man who told me…

Why do you follow him D’artangnon, why!?

You were the one in the mask.

You will burn in hell, I will not, for I am king. Ordained by God!

You will hunt down Porthos, Athos and Aramis and bring me their heads, or I will have yours!

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