Movie Quotes from Man from Snowy River, The: Quotes from the movie Man from Snowy River, The

#1)There’s a dozen good brood mayors in that mob, i’ll be back for them….and whatever else is mine. #2)I don’t like to repeat myself, she’s not for you. #1)Jessica can make up her own mind #2) You’ve got a long way to get yet lad! #3) He’s not a lad, brother, he’s a man

A man without a horse is like a man without legs

Aunt Rosemary: You wouldn’t dare ruin the spirit of that wretched colt the way you just crushed your own daughter!

Don`t throw effort after foolishness

I think a man could sooner hold back the tides than tame the mountains

If I’d needed your help MATE..I would have asked for it.

Jake: You’ll go back to the lower country…and EARN THE RIGHT TO LIVE UP HERE! Like your father did!

Jessica (pointing to calf branded with ‘H’): And ‘H’ is for?
Spur: Uh, homeless.

Jessica: Tablecloth?
Spur (handing her a newspaper): No expense spared and you can read the news while you eat.

Jessica: Well someone’s gotta save you from your own thoughtlessness!

Jessica: You are a foolish boy, Jim.

jim the gelding!

Jim: ‘United in death,’ the minister said.
Spur: Superstition.
Jim: It’s a nice thought, Spur.
Spur: It’s a great comfort to widows and fools. There’s more to life than death, Jim.

Jim: You’re getting the hang of it. I’ll be back later to check on your work.

mary is a whore bitch tramp slut skank prostitute dyke

Spur: Ahh, that’s nice! You’ve come to open the gate for your poor crippled brother!

Spur: He’s not a lad! He’s a man!
Clancy: The man from Snowy River.

Tasty, huh?
In a toxic, festering sort of way…..

United in death, the minister said.

You’re as deceitful as your mother.

You’ve been offering me food for years, but all i ever get is wallaby stew

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