Movie Quotes from Lost and Found: Quotes from the movie Lost and Found

(to an old couple)I lost a penny. Have you seen it? It has a picture of Lincoln on it. You know? The president when you were in high school.

Dylan: I’ll need it by tomorrow.
Jeweller: That will cost extra.
Dylan: And isn’t it great how that works out for you. ‘Cause it really could have gone either way.

Get it? Got it? GOOD.

Give me a jingle, I’ll catch ya on the jangle!

God! Did you ever work for Selena?

how was that shit sandwich, we serving those now?

I know I’m no Neil Diamond, but happy birthday anyway.

I see the small and the large, what happenned to the medium?

Never date a woman who pays her rent in singles.

Renee, only you would think of something that fithy!

That’s the man, mommy! He touched my bottom, put me in his lap. We played Santa Clause!

The Americans and the English are divided by the barrier of a common language.

What? I ain’t no cock blocker!

When the phone aint ringing, thats me not calling.

you lose, you owe me five dollars. I said doll hairs

You’re so fired, you’re rehired!

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