Movie Quotes from Lords of Dogtown: Quotes from the movie Lords of Dogtown

Jay Adams: Now Give Kitty.

Jay Adams: Now Give Me Kitty.

Jay: You wan’t to blow me?

Skip: I mean how many sixteen year old surfers you see wearing a wrist watch, man. Craig: Yeah well, he’s got a job. Skip: Yeah, my point exactly. He’s not one of us, man. He’s not a pirate. Chino: Hey where ya going Peralta, you going to work? Skip: Yeah, get a haircut man.

Skip: I’m not going to bail you guys you of jail.

This wave breaks 24 hours a day and we’re gonna be the first to ride it.

Tony: He took my burger. Jay: Dude..You just got patty slapped.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Lords of Dogtown’: Quotes from the movie ‘Lords of Dogtown’

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