Movie Quotes from Lonely Are the Brave: Quotes from the movie Lonely Are the Brave

Believe you me, if it didn’t take men to make babies, I wouldn’t have anything to do with any of you!

Either you go by the rules or you lose.

Either you play by the rules or you lose.

Ever notice how many fences there are getting to be? Signs say ‘No Hunting. No Admission. Private Property. Closed Area.’

Son of a gun, you did it – crazy fool.

Steak? Right!

The world you and Paul live in doesn’t exist. Maybe it never did. Out there is the real world. And it’s got real borders and real fences. And real trouble.

With a temper like that, you’re gonna wind up with yer belly to the sun, yer best suit on, and no place to go but Hell!

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