Movie Quotes from Lone Star State of Mind: Quotes from the movie Lone Star State of Mind

but where’s my goddamn pinky at

Earl: Get your big leg in the damn car

Earl: Tinker there’s no smokin’ in Jimbo’s car

earl:goodnight son, what happened to u? jr:well i got beat the hell up again

I got beat the hell up.

Jimbo:…do you think he’s gay? Earl: I have my doubts, Jimbo.

jr: you see that bald headed feller over there with the goatie, hes the one that punch my face and made me fall all bad about myself, but i tell you what, if them other guys werent with them ida thrown a punch in his face, now i know i didnt used to be much of a fighter but i tell you what i learned how to fight while i was in the big house jabbin and punchin..earl:JR you were in juvenile detention for 60 days. jr: well i know that earl but you learn quick in there. earl: just shut ur mouth.

Junior: I ain’t dumb, your dumb!

junior: them boots cost more then my damn pinky finger

Junior:My ear hurts!

Lord Junior, what happen to your face? I fell! Off a building? No–Yeah!

shit fire now save the matches

Shit fire save the matches

The shit has hit the fan! But enough of these plesentries, how are you?

They tore down my Dixi Chicks posters. (Junior)

Tinker, there’s no smokin’ in Jimbo’s car.

Tinker: Baby, your ass looks like 5 pounds of finely packed sugar, and wouldn’t you know, I gotta sweet tooth.

Tinker: Beaner, 3 o’clock.

Tinker: I pissed myself!

tinker:you can hide but you can’t run. you can run, i’m gonna kill you

Where would Peter Pan be without Captain Crunch?

whos your daddy now mr panasonic?!

You know that curly haired one? I think he’s gay.

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