Movie Quotes from Little Shop of Horrors: Quotes from the movie Little Shop of Horrors

(Seymour) I named her Audrey 2. (Audrey) Afta me? (Seymour) I hope you don’t mind… (Audrey) SSQQQUUUEEEEEEEKKKK!

(Seymour)Audrey is that a shiner? (Audrey)UUUHHH…… SSSHHIIIIINNAAAA…..

*Singing* You’ll be a dentist, you have a tallent for causing pain. You’ll be a dentist, people will pay you to be inhumane!.

1) Seymores first radio broadcast. I wanted to hear it so bad, I tried to be on time, but…
2) Don’t tell me, you got tied up.
1) No, just handcuffed a little.

1).Am I dreamming? 2).No, and you ain’t in Kansas neither!

1)When I was younger, just a bad little kid, my mama noticed funny things I did. Like shooting puppies with a bebe gun. I’d poison guppies, and when I was done, I’d take a pussycat and bash in it’s head. That’s when my mama said… 2)What did she say? 1)She said my boy I think some day you’ll find a way to make your natural tendencies pay. You’ll be a DENTIST!

1.)He’s so nasty treating her rough! 2.)Smacking her around and always talking so tough!

Tough Titty
No Shit Sherlock

Audrey II:I’m mean and green,AND I AM BAD

Audrey2-Hey little lady, hello
Audrey-Who-who is this?
Audrey2- Ure lookin cute as can be…
Audrey- Is this someone I know?
Audrey2- You’re lookin mighty sweet!
Audrey- Seymour!
Audrey2- No! It ain’t Seymour! It’s me…hahaha

Audrey2-Feed me
Seymour-under no curcumstances.
Audrey2-Feed me
Seymour- No, No more. I can’t take living with the guilt.
Audrey2-Tough titty.
Seymour-You watch your language!
Audrey2-Aww! Cut the crap! Bring on da meat!

Audrey2-feed me…
Seymour-I beg your pardon?
Audrey2-Feed me
Seymour-Twoey! You opened your trap, you speak, you-
Audrey2-feed me Krelbourn, feed me now!
Seymour-I can’t!
Audrey2-but I’m stavin!
Seymour-Look, maybe I can squeez a little more outa this one…
Audrey2- More more more!
Seymour-There isn’t any more. What do ya want me to do? Slit my wrists?

Audrey2-You didn’t have nothing ’till you met me. Tell me boy what will it be? Money? Girls? One par-tic-u-lar girl. How ’bout that Auuuddreeey? Think it ova! There must be SOMEONE you can 86 reaaaal quiet-like, and GET ME SOME LUNCH!

Audrey? That greasy boyfriend of yours beating up on you again? Look I know it’s none of my business,but I’m beginning to think maybe he’s not such a nice boy!

Better take a tip boy! Want some good advice? Better take it easy. ‘Cause you’re walking on thin ice!


Dacta! Dacta! Sorry…. Dacta!


Dentist- I am your dentist! And I enjoy the career that I picked. I am your dentist! And I get off on the pain I inflict!

Does this look ‘inanimate’ to you, punk? If I can move and I can talk, who’s to say I can’t do anything I want?

Don’t Feed The Plants.

Excuse me! Excuse me, pardon me, beg your pardon, if you two kids would just stop singing for a moment; I’ve got something I want to discuss with you. Now which one of you is Seymour Krelborn?

Feed me Seymour, Feed me now!!!!!

Feed me, Krelbourne!

Feed me, Seymore, feed me!

Gee I’d like a Harley machine(Now you’re talking!) I’d be cruising around like I was James Dean!

I don’t come from no black lagoon! I’m past the stars and beyond the moon!

I got Killer Buds, a Power Stem, Nasty Thorns and I’m usin’ them so better move it out, nature calls, you got the point, I’m gonna bust your Balls!

I know Seymour’s the greatest….. but I’m dating a semi-sadist…. So I got a black eye and my arms in a cast…

I think I need a root canal. I definitely need a long, slow root canal.

I think I need a root canal. I definitely need a long, slow root canal.

I thrill when I drill a bicusped!
It’s swell, though they tell me I’m maladjusted!

I’m just a mean green mother from outerspace…and I’m bad.

It all started with the total eclips of the sun the other day….. dadoo!

man says: You mean you would be seen with me? woman replies: Sure

MUSHNIK: You love her madly, don’t you, schmuck?!
SEYMOUR: Oh, Mr. Mushnik, you scared me, I…
MUSHNIK: I scared you? After what I saw, I scared YOU?! You thought I didn’t know, huh? Oh, I knew. I knew you’d lay down here on your pathetic little cot and dream of her, but I didn’t know the lengths to which you’d go, the depths to which you’d sink!
SEYMOUR: Wh-what depths? What sink? What are you talking about?
MUSHNIK: Little red dots all over the limoleum! Little red spots on the concrete outside! I’m talking BLOOD, Krellborn! I’m talking under my own roof! (grabs the ax) AN AX-MURDERER!

MUSHNIK: You’re not going anywhere, Krellborn! You’re staying right here and taking care of that sick plant!
SEYMOUR: I told you it’s been giving me trouble. The Audrey II’s not a healthy girl.
MUSHNIK: Well, if you ask me, neither is the Audrey I.
SEYMOUR: If only I knew what breed it was.
MUSHNIK: Who cares what breed it is?! Look what it’s done for business!
SEYMOUR: I know.
MUSHNIK: So work, Seymour! Nurse that plant back to health! I’m counting on you!
SEYMOUR: I know.
MUSHNIK: You do?
MUSHNIK: So fix. Goodnight. (Exits)

Nice name…..Catchy. Nice Plant…..Big.

Oh you are something special, you are something special…come on…come on…come on, ah THANK YOU! Oh yeah THANK YOU…ah it’s your professionalism that I respect!


Seymour!!! What in the name of God is going on down there?!

Seymour-Whould it have been so terrible if something HAD happened to him?
Audrey-It wouldn’t be terrible at all. It’d be a miricle. Not to mention all the money I’d save on epsom salts and ace bandages…
Seymour- Ya see?
Audrey-But I still feel guilty, I mean. They suspect fowl play, or some terrible accident of some kind then it’d be partially my faunt, ya see? Because secretly, I wished it…
Seymour-Don’t you spend another minute thinking about that creep. A lot of guys would give anything to go out with you. Nice guys…
Audrey- I don’t deserve a nice guy, Seymour…
Seymour- That’s not true.
Audrey-You don’t know the half of it! I’ve led a terrible life. I deserved a creep like orin scrivello…D.D.S!Ya know where I met him? In the gutta
Seymour- The gutter?
Audrey- the gutta. It’s a nite spot. I’d work there on my nights off when we weren’t makin much money. I’d put on cheap and tastless outfits. Not nice ones like this…
Seymour-All that’s behind you now. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re a very nice person. I always knew you were. Behind all the bruises and handcuffs, ya know what I saw? A girl I respected…I still do…

Seymour: I told you she’s been giving me trouble. The Audrey 2 is not a healthy girl. Mushnik: Strictly between us, neither is the Audrey 1.

Seymour: I told you she’s been giving me trouble. The Audrey 2 is not a healthy girl. Musnick: Strictly between us, neither is the Audrey 1.

Stupid woman . . . falling off the motorcycle!

Suddenly, Seymour.

That’s what my momma said…(What did she say?)…She said my boy, I think some day you’ll find a way…to make your natural tendencies pay…you’ll be a dentist.

The Lion don’t sleep tonight and if you pull his tail he roars, you say that ain’t fair you say that ain’t nice you know what I say, Up Yours.

The Meek Shall Inherit.

There must be Someone you can 86 real quiet like, AND GET ME SOME LUNCH!


Wh…you…please lady, no! Put your clothes back on! It’s Wink Wilkinson! You can’t do this! What if your husband were to walk in here?! (into bigger microphone) I’m right here, Wink. I’m sorry, I love your show, but I gotta kill you both with this machine gun. (imitates machine gun fire through both mics, then puts the bigger one down) OH, YOU GOT ME! Ohhh! Ohhh! I feel, I feel, so very WEEEEIIIRRD!!!

WSKID, Skid Row Radioooooooo!

You better move it out! Nature calls! You got the point? I’m gonna bust your balls!

You Know I don’t come from no black laggoon, nah, I’m from past the stars and beyond the moon, you can keep the thing, keep the it, keep the creature they don’t mean shit.

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