Movie Quotes from Little Darlings: Quotes from the movie Little Darlings

Dana, you really shouldn’t eat meat. It’s full of male hormones. I knew a girl who grew a mustache because she ate meat.

Don’t laugh…but do you care about me a little?

Ferris isn’t gay. Just sexually immature.

God, I feel so lonesome.

Hey Randy. Me!

I’d rather be fat and feel good inside.

I’m not a woman, Randy

I’m the BEFORE girl in the Tidy Tangles cream rinse commercial.

Men are afraid of falling in love.

Oh, to see what I have seen. To see what I see!

Okay I’m ready; Let’s go…I can take my shirt off myself..stop..ugh forget it..ok im ready..ugh i need a smoke!

On Saturday afternoon in 1963.

randy:there are plenty of women around angel: im not a real women yet …(tear)

Shake It.

So what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever done it? Oh my! You girls aren’t real women yet like me, are you?

This seat’s taken. (By who?) My guardian angel. (She’ll have to sit on my lap then.) She’s a he. (Then I’ll have to sit on his lap.)

Wanna go to the boathouse?

What’s your name? Who me? Yeah you. I know my name. Yeah, what is it? Angel. But don’t let the name fool you. Who’s foolin’ who? You’re drunk. You’re cute.

Where’d you get the car? (The car? I borrowed it.) Where’d you get the girl? (She came with the car.)

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