Movie Quotes from Little City: Quotes from the movie Little City

Adam: People who are tragically ambitious and smart go to New York and people who are just tragically smart come here.
Rebecca: Oh. Well what about people who are just tragically ambitious?
Adam: They go to LA.

Adam: What if this kid turns out to be artistically inclined with a particularly nasty sense of humor?
Nina: Buy it a paintbrush…tell him nobody likes a smart ass.

Adam: You bartend at the San Remo.
Rebecca: Do I know you?
Adam: I turned a shot of bourbon into a Jackson Pollack in your bar the other day.
Rebecca: Ah, yes, I love your work.

Are you fucking Kevin?

By the way, I’m the one who Kate caught Anne in bed with. I’m the one who broke them up. Guess she and I are even now.

For a while there, I thought I had it all; GREAT sex, and someone nice to come home to. But something told me that couldn’t last. And now I have nothing…and something tells me that that CAN last.

Kate: I thought only men were led around by their horomones.
Anne: I’m not like all the other girls.
Kate: You’re not even like all the other boys.

Man: When are you gonna come work for me?
Woman(annoyed): When you develop a new personality.
Man: What do you mean? I am loveable!

Required reading for all your conquests?

The bad part about meeting somebody great is that eventually you have to sleep with them. All that huffing and puffing to accomplish something I can do by myself in two minutes.

Woman: I hate affairs. All the lying and sneaking around…and I’m so damn good at it.
Man: You’re not as good as you think you are.
Woman: What’s that’s supposed to mean?
Man: Adam told me he thinks you’re having an affair.
Woman: well, FUCK me!
*old ladies gasp as they all cross themselves*

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