Movie Quotes from Life: Quotes from the movie Life

1) How much would it cost to turn one of them WHITE-ONLY pies into nigga pies?
2) How ’bout I turn Y’ALL inta nigga pies?!

1)Why say nasty shit for Ray? 2) Because im a nasty mother fucker

1-Put a lil on your step I dont want these country folks to think im from around here 2- they know by the way i walk im not from around here 1-what it is country boy 3-my pecker 1-well cock a doodle doo nigga

Biscuit: Eyes Front Mister.
Jangle Leg: Ain’t Nobody Doing Nothing.

Boss, he ain’t working.

Dont touch the car!
Oh I wont touch it but I’ll Piss on it!


Eeiny, Meiny, Miny, Melvin!!!!!!

He ain’t gettin my cornbread Claude.

I ain’t eating no Cornbread…. That Nigger Food…

I ain’t never seen you in here before. How bout buying a gal a drink. Two bourbons.

I da pappy

in fact dont even say watch…say little clock or some shit

Jingalang what did i tell you about wooin the bitches on the job

maybe I shoulda eat yo corn bread !

RAY!!!! why you gotta be talking nasty all the time!!??? Because I’m a nasty mutha F*cker!!!

shut your mouth and your fat ass boy

Tell em’ bout the gun line, boss.

The Cotton Club’s alright. But it ain’t got nothin’ on The Boom Boom Room. If any of you ever get to New York, go to Ray’s Boom Boom Room, the most happening spot in all of Manhattan.

The names Jingaling…Jingaling

The State of Mississippi ain’t interested in your meteorological assessments.

To tell you the truth boss, you don’t want to give me that gun. I’m liable to shoot you with it.

We ain’t got no fences here at Camp 8. We got us the gun line.
Tell ’em bout the gun line boss.

We next.We going to the upper room

why don’t you go to your farmland and pick your tamatas’

you goin to eat yo cornbread?

You gonna eat your corn bread?

you next ass sniffer

You want my corn bread part 3 of my killin spree gonna start on your ass!

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