Movie Quotes from Life with Mikey: Quotes from the movie Life with Mikey

(in thick brooklyn accent)1)Sunboist cookies light up my day! 2)Sunboist?! 2)Hey, I’m from Brooklyn, you’re lucky I can speak english!

1) I can’t believe you made lunch you have nothing in the refrigerator 2) It’s moo shoo pork, well, minus the pork. Hey, don’t lose that lunchbox, it’s a collectibe. 3) Really? How much can I get for it?

1) Coffe. 2) Coffe? 1) Yeah, coffe. It cmes from beans you every heard of it?

1) You said she doesnt go to school, she steals. We are now representing the omen. Did you check her head for the little 666?
2) Yeah, there were only two 6’s. We got her just in time!

Angie:get me some coffee.waitress:coffee?angie:yeah it’s made out of beans,ever heard of it?

As soon as we turn the corner let go of my hand!

Did you check her hand for the 666?
Yeah and there were only 2 6’s. We caught her just in time.

How many times do I have to eat this crap? Who am I…JOB?

I’m sick of you lying all the time and you moving everything around in my apartment…and I’m sick of you eating muffins and not giving me any!

in unison: seperate checks

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