Movie Quotes from Life with Father: Quotes from the movie Life with Father

1) Good morning, sir. Going to the office today? 2) NO! I’m going to be baptized!

1) Vinnie I gave you $6 to buy a new coffee pot. Now I find that you’ve apparently got one at Lewis & Congers and charged it. Here’s there bill. One coffee pot $5 2) So you owe me a dollar and you can hand it right over.1) I’ll do nothing of the kind. What did you do with that $6 2) Well Claire I can’t tell you now, dear. Why didn’t you ask me at the time? 1) I give up. 2) Wait a minute I spent $4 and 1/2 for that new umbrella 1) Now we’re getting somewhere. One umbrella, $4.50 2) And that must have been the week I paid Mrs. Tobin for two extra days washing. that’s $2 more. That makes $6.50 and that’s another 50 cents you owe me. 1) I don’t owe you anything. what you owe me is an explanation of where my money has gone.

1)Vinnie, Clarence’s suit was charged for $15. 2) But it didn’t cost you a penny. Clarence bought the pugdog back and exchanged it for the suit, don’t you see? 1) They’re going to charge me for one thing or another 2) Don’t you let them!

Clarence: But father, I thought you were going to tell me about, well, women.
Mr. Day: Clarence, there are some things gentlemen do not discuss.

He can’t throw me into jail!

I don’t want my house overrun by giggling females

King Solomon had the right idea about work: ‘Whatever thy hand findeth to do,’ Solomon said, ‘do thy doggonedest.’

Mr. Day: Now you see Clarence, women think- No, Wait… I am wrong right . They do not think! The get stirred up! And they get stirred up over the most CONFOUNDED things!

OH GAD!!!!

She was the methodist

Sir, I must know the character of the home in which my lady will be working.

Madam, I am the character of my home!


When I talk about my relatives, I criticize them.

Why did God make so many dumb fools and Democrats?

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