Movie Quotes from Legend of Billie Jean, The: Quotes from the movie Legend of Billie Jean, The

1- Where’s Billie Jean?!? 2- She’s everywhere!

608 dollars for the scooter your son trashed, thats what you owe and we are not turning ourselves in till we get it

Billie Jean! Billie Jean! We’re on T.V. Holy shit

Fair is fair, we didn’t start this, we didn’t mean it to happen, but we’re not giving up ’til you pay!

Fair is fair.

It’s abooooooouttttttt Time!

O you know my mamma?

well i can handle aligators

When can I get a diaphragm?

you pig you don’t even know what a pig you are

you said i was gonna be cold, but this is rediculous

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