Movie Quotes from Laura: Quotes from the movie Laura

1. When a dame gets killed, she doesn’t worry about how she looks.
2. Will you stop calling her a dame!

1. You know, your’re a suspect to. 2. Good, to have over looked me when have been a direct insult.

A doll in Washington Heights got a fox fur out of me once.

Can you make coffee?

I am the most misquoted man in America.

I can afford a blemish on my character, but not on my clothes.

I cannot stand these morons any longer.

I don’t use a pen. I write with a goose quill dipped in venom.

I’m not kind, I’m vicious. It’s the secret of my charm.

I, Waldo Lydecker, was the only man who really knew her.

It’s lavish, but I call it home.

It’s too bad you didn’t open that door Friday night, Carpenter

Murder is my faveorite crime

The sentiment come easy at fifty cents a word.

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