Movie Quotes from Laughing Policeman, The: Quotes from the movie Laughing Policeman, The

–Are you a stable sister?
–You mean to tell me that man isn’t your pimp?

I’m gonna have to shut you out, Bobby.

I’m interested in a piece of hardware, like a grease gun.

It is not routine, Jake, goddamn it, if the boss says forget it!

Jake, I got a report from the records room.

Know what I mean?

Now, you got three choices. You can either go to the morgue, the hospital, or you can get in that car. The decision is yours.

Oh, Jake, short lawyers, they worry me.

People were murdered, and I want answers!

Some punks never learn.

Wait a second. Not yet. Wait!

We got a goddamn massacre.

With my luck, this guy will turn out to be a goddamn war hero.

You ever think of gettin’ your own talk show?

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