Movie Quotes from Last American Virgin, The: Quotes from the movie Last American Virgin, The

(1)Bullshit, Gary. He took her to the football field to bust her cherry and you know it. (2) slaps (1)

(1)Busy day for you today, huh? (2)Are you here to interview me or to fuck me?

(1)it’s down… there (nods to crotch) (2)Your balls itch? (2)(nods) (1)You’ve got crabs!

(in a hushed voice) Would you get the fuck outta here already? You’re embarrassing the shit outta me, now split!

(Rick talking to Garry) I F**ked Karen!

And then you shove it up your ass!


Garry man you’re gonna regret this!

Gary: You fucked Karen!?

Rick: Whatya want me to do, show you an instint replay?

Got any sweet’n’low?

I’d rather screw Godzilla than them!

Look at the way she’s sucking on that straw!

Okay, pizza boy! Anytime, man!

Tom’s brother screws that blond like he owns her.

Victor: It’s 9 1/2, messure it again.

Gary: We’re not including your balls, Victor.

What an nymfo!

What an nympho!

Your balls itch?

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