Movie Quotes from Kickboxer: Quotes from the movie Kickboxer

do you want me to break my fucking leg?

Don’t do it, Eric, Don’t do it.

Don’t step there.

dont worry

Eric: You sure had it easy with mom in Europe. dad never let up.If i wasnt the best in every sport i played, he’d call me a loser. He was always on my case, but he made me strong.
Kurt: you know Eric, mom, she was a very special lady too. She wanted me to learn 3 languages, to take ballet before i learn karate. I really miss her.
Eric: I wish they had been there to see me win the championship.
Kurt: Well big brother, they could never get along, but im glad we do.

I want tong po! GIVE ME TONG PO!!

im in the best shape of my life! im a better fighter than i ever was, than you ever were!

im in the best shape of my a better fighter than i evr was, than you ever were!

Kurt: I want Tong Po
Winston: Forget about it! im not signing your death warrant too.
Kurt:Just tell me where he is.
Winston: God damn it no! I dont want any fuckin’ part of it! Go home! Wait your 3 months and go home where your safe. I dont want your blood on my hands, i got enough already!
Kurt: He’s going to pay for this, you hear me?! I’ll find him, i don’t need your help.
Winston: the only way you’ll find him is inside the ring and you are not good enough!!
Kurt: no matter where, i’ll get him.
Winston: You dont understand. You go after him outside the ring and we’re dead, all of us! He’s too valuable to them!The only way is inside the ring and like i said, you aint good enough.
Kurt: we’ll see, ok? We’ll see, we’ll see…………..

Kurt: What do you want?
Winston: You’re really serious about this Muay Thai shit!
Kurt: what do you think?
Winston: I think you’re outta you’re mind, and if i cant stop you i might know someone who’ll train you………..
Kurt: Who?
Winston: theres only one person crazy enough to put you in a ring with a Tong Po. Names Xien, lives out in the sticks.
Kurt: will he do it?
Winston: i dont have any fuckin’ idea! Thats youre problem, i just know how to find him.
Kurt: lets go!
Winston: what if he doesnt take you?
Kurt: He will, lets go, now!
Winston: Now? fuck now, we’re drinking now!

Legs? He was kicking one of these with his fucking legs and the plaster was falling down!

Nuk Soo Cow.

Reporter: Hey champ how come you don’t use a trainer anymore?
Eric: I got my kid brother in my corner for now.He says he’s gonna be a vet, i say he’s gonna be a lawyer, or im gonna kick his butt!
Reporter: Now that youve beaten everyone there is to beat, whats next?
Eric: Take on the worlds best, show ’em whose boss.
Reporter 2: What about Thailand?
Eric: What about it?
Reporter 2: I understand kickboxing was invesnted there, and they’re the best at it.
Eric: Oh really? Kid book us a flight to Taiwan
Kurt: Bangkok…………
Eric: Bangkok, Taiwan, Tokyo, whats the difference? Im kickin’ ass wherever i go!

Winston: I might know someone who’ll train you, names Xien, lives in the mountains
Kurt: will he do it?
Winston, i don’t have anu fuckin; idea!

Xian: I tell them u say….they no good fighters, and that thier mothers have sex with mules! Kurt: YOU WHAT!? Xian: ohhh make them very angry! figh hard…good training

Xian: revenge is a dangerous motive
Kurt: Is also a powerful one.

You bleed just like mai lee. Mai lee, Goooooooooood Fuck.

You’re really serious about this Mooey Thai shit!

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