Movie Quotes from Kickboxer 3: The Art of War: Quotes from the movie Kickboxer 3: The Art of War

#1 David, That kid stole our camera #2 AGAIN!?

#1 Do you notice there is a change in the air #2 Yeah it smells likes raw sewage in here

#1 Thats seven right? #2 How many you kill in the kitchen? #1 Two #2 Thats six (continues to check out house, guy jumps out of a closest, they get into a fight #1 kicks house out threw 2nd floor window, Then looks out window down at guy) #1 Now thats Seven

#1 This is really good Xian, How’s yours? (#2 picks at #1’s plate of food) #1 Yes? Can I help you? #2 just picking #1 I’m sorry i waz under the impression this was my food

#1 You gotta watch it David theres alot of theives in this city #2 YEAH Tell me about it

#1 You need to dance David #2 Nah, I’m a fighter I don’t dance too good.

David: Everything looks normal. Xian: It looks too much like everythin looks normal.

My bad I wrote David’s last name wrong its spelled Sloan not Slone. Sorry.


Xian: Clothes don’t make a woman beautiful, But it helps.

Xian: Everything we do comes back to us.

Xian: How do you feel? David: I’ll let you know when I’m in the ring.

Xian: The Body and mind do not always travel together

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