Movie Quotes from Jesse James: Quotes from the movie Jesse James

–By the Almighty, he is going to hang.
–Suppose Jesse doesn’t want to be hanged.

After the tragic war between the states, America turned to the winning of the West. The symbol of this era was the building of the transcontinental railroads. The advance of the railroads was, in some cases, predatory and unscrupulous. It was this uncertain and lawless age that gave the world, for good or ill, the most famous outlaws, the brothers Frank and Jesse James.

If there is ever to be law and order in the West, the first thing we’ve got to do is take all lawyers out and shoot’em down like dogs.

In Loving Remembrance – Jesse W. James…Murdered by a traitor whose name is not worthy to appear here.

Jesse was an outlaw, a bandit, a criminal.

Shooting and robbing – it’ll just get in your blood, Jesse. You’ll end up like a wolf!

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