Movie Quotes from It!: Quotes from the movie It!

(1)(hands limo driver a bottle of Dom Perrignon) Here you are my good man, recycle!

(1)…help other people all times, keep myself physically strong, mentally awake… (1 walks into 2) (2)What was that last one all about?

(1)Bill, it’s back. (2)Y-y-you’re sure? (1)Yeah. I found a photograph of George.

(1)Get out. (2)What if I won’t? (1)I think the six of us could p-p-put you in the hospital.

(1)My dad, he got the big C. (2)Big C? (1)Cancer.

(1)Not just any cards. Bicycle cards. (2)They always made the best noise.

(1)Thanks Bill. (kisses Bill) (2)Yuck! You got cooties all over me!

(1)What’s in Maine? Family? (2)Friends. Best I ever had.

(Bev walks into room) What a bunch of handsome old men! (Bev faints)

A little young for ya isn’t she Richie? Beep! Beep! Richie!

beep beep epititom!


Beep beep, Richie!

clown)they all float down here. 2.)clown) hello ba,ba,billy. 3.)(clown) ha, ha, ha. 4.)clown) get away from dairy, why u can billy boy.

Do you want a balloon, Richie?

Don’t worry you’ll float to, Ruhn, Ruhn, Ruhn,!!!!!

Eww. You got c..c..cudies on me.

Excuse me ma’am. Is your refrigerator running? It is!? Well ya better catch it before it runs away! Haha-haha-haha!

He hits his fists against the post, and still insists he sees the ghost.

Here Georgie. G: Wow for me Bill? Can I go out and sail it? B: Well, you have to seal it first. G: With what? B: With parsell. G: Where is it? B: In the basement. G: **gulps**

hi ho silver away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honey,im coming up to wash ur back and ur chest and everything elsee….. Stan?? Stan?? Stan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

I am eternal. I am the eater of worlds and of children.

I worry about you, Bevvy. I worry about you a lot.

I’ll kill you all. HAHA! I’ll drive you crazy and I’ll kill you all. I’m every nightmare you ever had. I am your worst dream come true. I’m everything you ever were afraid of.

I’m a cop, you’re a librarian, okay?

I-If you w-won’t,w-w-we’re g-going to muh-move i-in on y-you. I think the s-s-six of u-us can p-put you in the huh-huh-hospital. Seven.

it: do u want a balloon georgie? georgie: do they float? it: yes they float gorgie, they float, they all float down here georgie and u will too!!! georgie:ahhh!

it:u want balloon dont u georgie? georgie:do they float? it:yes they float georgie, they float, and u will float to georgie. georgie:ahhhh!!!!!!

Kiss me, fat boy!

Love your size 25 shoes and red hair.

Oh and Pennywise… more thing… your balloon….NEVER GET OUT OF BED AGAIN RACHAEL….NEVER GET OUT OF BED AGAIN!!!!!

Oh yes, George, they float. And when you’re down here with me you’ll float too!

Okay, let’s go. Oh, Beverly? Don’t ever contradict me in front of Pam again, Okay?

Silly boy. You still think you can see me. You’ll never see me, you only see what your little mind can allow. GO! Now. For if you stay, you’ll lose your little mind in my deadlights. Like all the others… like ALL the others.

SS Georgie out of the way… beep beeep

Stan was the last one to see IT that summer. I remember it. I was riding my bike through the park when he came running from the hill. It took me an hour to get him to tell me what he saw

Stans head: Hey Mike. Looks like you got everyone here. Hows your boyfriend Bev?

They all float down here!!!!

They all gargle Richie. And WHEN YOUR DOWN HERE….YOU’LL GARGLE TOO

Voices in bathroom sink: Beverly. Help me Beverly. Help me! **balloon of blood pops** Bev to dad: Daddy, Daddy. Mr. Marsh: What is it girl. Whats the matter? Speak up girl. I worry about you Beverly. Sometimes I worry alot. Bev: There was a speder a huge spider. in the bathroom Daddy in the bathroom!

Wake up hot stuff! There ain’t nothin’ there!

we all float down here!!!!

Who’d want a history of his toilet? Richie, how many years are you going to be in here with me?

Why, Richie Tozier! Was that a compliment? On our very first date!

Yes! Let go! Be afraid! You all taste so much better when you’re afraid. Kill!? Me? HA! Oh you are priceless brat! I am eternal child, I am the eater of worlds and of children, and you…are NEXT!

your hair is winter fire, january embers

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