Movie Quotes from Inside Man: Quotes from the movie Inside Man

–How does this game work?
–You get points for doing dirt, like jacking a car or selling crack.
And you lose points if someone jacks your ride or shoots you.

–Look detective, there are matters at stake here that are a little bit above your pay grade.
–Why don’t you just tell the mayor to raise my pay grade to the right level and problem solved.

1-May I take your hat? 2-No, you may not. Get your own

1.How do you plan to get out of here?
2.I’m gonna walk out the front door.

Last time I had my jimmy yanked like that I paid 5 dollars.

My bite is much worst then my bark.

My friends and I are making a very large withdrawal from this bank.

What are you doing? This ain’t no bank robbery!

You know, there’s a famous saying by the Baron de Rothschild: ‘When there’s blood on the streets, buy property.’

You saw ‘Dog Day Afternoon.’ You’re stalling.

You’re a humongous cunt

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