Movie Quotes from Ice Harvest, The: Quotes from the movie Ice Harvest, The

–It’s Christmas! Everyone’s nice on Christmas.
–Only morons are nice on Christmas.

–My God, we’re actually doing this.
–No, we’re not doing it. It’s already done.

–That’s my chair in there. I can’t fill it.
–Neither could I, if it makes you feel any better.

As Wichita falls…so falls Wichita Falls.

Been working on this acquisition deal for a while, and it finally came through.

Charlie Arglist, man of mystery.

Don’t you want to know where the money is?

Everybody has regrets. Guys our age, what else is there?

How can he reload?he’s folded up like a card table in there.

I will say, after this, the holidays are never gonna feel quite the same to me.

It’s against my religion to give out personal advice, but you should either sober up or get real drunk.

Jesus, Charlie, you’re right. This thing is spacious. There’s no way it would have gone in a Lincoln.

Just stick to the plan.

Love…Someday somebody is going to tally up the cost of that particular illusion.

One night driving a Mercedes, and you’re already an asshole.

Pay no attention to the man in the trunk.

To the victor go the spoils.

You’re dead, Roy. Stop pretending that you’re not.

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