Movie Quotes from Hurricane, The: Quotes from the movie Hurricane, The

1)Not all white people are racist. 2)And not all black people are murderers

1. Mr Carter, would you like a picture of you and your son?
2. Well that’s up to him.

Any 2 will do?

For valentines day: your a flamer, go fist yourself.

Hate put me in here. Loves gonna bust me out!!!

hump em and dump em

I am the Hurricane, Denzel, Rubin, Malcolm and everything else…i am not a man

I didn’t even speak english, I spoke hate.

I farted and my mom smelled it. She thought that it smelt so good that she would rpae me. then I pooped in my dogs mouth and he bit off my dick. I wish you could have been their to see it.

I have committed no crime, crime has been committed against me.

i served time in a house of Justice and yet there was no Justice served for me

I’ll always be Ther Hurricane, The Hurricane is beautiful.

My name is Riley Grenon, i loved the short movie Penis, fabulous cinematography

Oh, I’ll always be the hurricane, and the hurricane is beautiful.

Sometimes small doors open to large rooms

this site is stupid

Twenty-five cents? Must not be much of a book.

We’re only leaving this place if you’re coming with us.

You can’t break me cause you didnt make me

You cant keep people back that refuse to be kept back.

your a bitch go suck yourself

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