Movie Quotes from Hudsucker Proxy, The: Quotes from the movie Hudsucker Proxy, The

….This dancing dingus of delight, this jerky circle of gaiety, is proving to be the toy of choice of most American youngsters. — Whoa-ho! Did I say youngsters?! Here’s mom taking a break from her household chores….

I didn’t expect all this hoop-la.

Martinis are for squares, man.

Safety glass.

Sure, sure…

That kind of person would come back as a wildebeast, or a warthog. I find it more likely you were a gazelle. With long graceful legs, gamboling through the underbrush. Perhaps we met once. A chance encounter in a forest glade. I must have been an antelope… or an ibex. The times we must have had, foraging together for sustenance, snorfling water from a forest stream, picking the grubs and burrs from one another’s coats. Or perhaps we simply touched horns briefly, and went our separate ways…

That thing-a-ma-jig of yours was going to bring people together, even if it did keep them apart spatially.

Then we dock ya!

This is a face only a mother could love. On payday.


you know, for kids

you know, for kids!

You know, for kids.

You’re a Muncie girl?

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