Movie Quotes from Hudson Hawk: Quotes from the movie Hudson Hawk

(1) Six hundred seventy-three Wongs in the phone book. (2) Helluva lot of Wong numbers. Look up Chin.

(1) The last ingredient in the recipe is da Vinci’s model of a helicopter. (2) On display for three days only in the Louvre in Paris. (3) As opposed to the Louvre in Wisconsin?

(catches cigarette and takes a drag) AACK! Menthol.

–I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Rome. I did my first
bare-handed strangulation here. Communist politician.
–Why George, you old softie.

-Hey Mr…are you gonna die?!?

-I feel like a dolphin who’s never tasted melted snow. What does the color blue taste like? BOBO KNOWS!!! HAHAHA -This is suppose to be torture…not therapy! -I must speak with the dolphins now! EEE EEE EEE

-you were in prison?-Hawk–I was a warden(?)- Nah ah!

1)Bunny! Ballball! 2)I think Bunny’s had his ballballs for today…

1)Kids, no horseplay in the pool! 2)This isn’t horseplay, this is a major felony!

2 minutes to save Anna, 2 minutes to save the world. 4(0)(0), side by side.

5 Tone- here’s your pal. Hawk- The man knows, the man knows!

AH, more babes for the party.

Almond Joy. Get it? Candy bars. Well, its better than when we first started out. Our code names were diseases. Do you know what its like being called chlamydia for a year?

Anna Biragli…Came to play!!

Anthony! Ceaser! Are you guys ok?

Come Here! My head against your head. Fair fight!


Do you know what its like being calleed chlamydia for a year?

Goddamn it! Yanks Lose again! How’d the mets do? Could you turn to section B?

Hawk- but i want to do community service, i want to teach the handicapped how to yodel.

Hey, this doesn’t taste like cappuccino.

How’m I drivin’?!?! 1-800-IM GONNA FUCKIN DIE!!

I feel like a dolpin who’s never tasted melted snow.

I guess you’ve never fucked with nobody from Hoboken before!!

I hated ciggeretes until i saw my first ‘no smoking’ sign. ‘Keep off the grass.’ Lets play soccer. The only law I cared for was friendship. I broke that one too didn’t I?


I’ll torture you so slowly, you’ll think it’s a career.

I’m gonna take your Centrally Intelligent ass and kick it up one side of Piazza and down the other!!

I’m losing respect for you guys. You were that close to getting away with this crap.

if divinci were still alive he’d be eating microwaved sushi in the back of a cadillac with the two of us

Mayflower: I’ll kill you so slowly you’ll think it’s a career, I’ll kill you, your friends, and the bitch you took to the prom! Hawk: Betty Jo Biowski, I can get you an address on that.

Money isn’t everything…gold is. Fuck T-bills! Fuck blue-chip stocks! Fuck juck bonds! We’ve got the real deal! Money will always
be paper, but gold will always by gold!

Money will always be paper, but gold will always be gold!

My pension!


Oh, the Pope warned me never to trust the CIA!


Pokey? Can you believe that kooky little elephant?


Watch this. BIG STAN!!!

What does the color blue taste like? Bobo knows…

Yo, Pierre! Read my lips: steak burger!

You fuck my freedom for a lousy job?

You started the week by stealing the Sforza and ended by swiping the Codex. But what are your plans for the weekend? Hoisting away the Coliseum. – Andie McDowell/Hudson Hawk/1991

You took down captain Bob’s stearing wheel??

You’ve got to love male bonding.

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