Movie Quotes from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Quotes from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

#1 True or False…??
#1 All is fair and love and war…???
#2 True.
#1 Great Anwser…

(AS SHE PUTS TISSUES UNDER HER ARMS) I sweat when im nervous

(singing) and do you want everyone to know your lovemaking is laaaaame?

1) I can’t write this article 2) Is your computer broken? 1) No I’ve just really gotten to know this guy and…2) Andie do you see any insignia on my outfit? 1) No 2) Its because I’m not your girl scout leader I’m your boss. You’ll write the article.

1) I told him I loved him 2) After how many days? 1) Five…two

1) The first time we had sex it was so beautiful, I cried 2) You mean one glistening tear down your cheek, right? 1) No, I was really emotional

1) True or False..all’s fare in love and war?
2) True.
1) great awnser.
2) great question.

1) Would you two like to be left alone? Maybe you should get a room 2) See this is what I’m talking about 1) You are hitting on our shrink 2) No I’m not 1) You are a pathological flirt 2) Two minutes ago I’m gay and now I’m a pathological flirt. Why would I want someone else Andie, you have plenty of personalities to keep me completely occupied 1) That was hurtful

1) Ya only dated the guy a week 2) It was the best week of my life!

1- Unattached?
2- Currently.
1- Likewise.
2- Surprising.
1- Smoker?
2- Rarely. Interested.
1- Perhaps.
2- Hungry?
1- Starving.
2- Leaving?
1- Now?

2 Rarely, Interested?

1-You are already falling in love aren’t you?
2-I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.

1: Unattached? 2: Currently. 1: Likewise. 2: Surprising. 1: Psycho? 2: Rarely. Interested? 1: Perhaps. 2: Hungry? 1: Starving. 2: Leaving. 1: Now?

1] Why 10 days? 2] Because 5 is too short and we go to press in 11.

5 seconds ago i was gay…Now i’m a pathological flirt..Which one is it andie? besides why would i need another woman…you have more than enough personaltiies to keep me completely occupied!!

Jeanne: Michelle just got dumped last night. Lana: Oh, how terrible. But you look so wonderful. Isn’t everyone loving how Michelle looks!? Michelle: Well I havent eaten since we broke up… Lana Good for you! Write about it!

Saving the world one keg party at a time!

A: You used me to get ahead with your job, you should feel ashamed. B: You took me to a god damn celene dion concert, you made me miss the big game. A: Oh smart guys a rhymer, well do u want everyone to know that your love-making is lameeeeee. B: Well you named my penis, you named my penis, after a dame. A: You know you really have to get over that. Together: You’re soo Vein

And all the girls dreamed that they’d be Ben’s partner, they’d be Ben’s partner…You’re so Vain

Andie Anderson: All the girls wished that they’d be Ben’s partner, they’d be ben’s partner!

Andie while pretending to cry: Mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb Mary…had….a…little…laaaamb…(crying)

andie, tonight, take smaller bites!

Andie- Our Love Fern… Its Dead
Ben- No Honey… Its Just Sleeping!

Andie: Although he *was* one of the cutest unconcious men ever
Michele: Are you dating him or considering adoption?

Andie: Ben your hurting Crulls feelings.
Tony: Crull
Andie: Yeah, you know Crull Warrior King

Andie: Blow.
Ben: What?
Andie: Nobody likes Mr. Sniffles!
Ben’s Friend: Oh, yeah I hate, Mr. Sniffles.(laughing Ben blows.)
Andie: Oh, white! Healthy boy. Healthy boy.

Andie: Does Princess Sophia want to come out and play?? Ben: Who’s Princess Sophiaaa?

andie: does princess sophia want to come out and play???

Andie: does princess Sophia want to come out and playy….. Ben: If you are gonan name my memeber it has to be something like Spike, Butch, (in a deeper voice) Crawl the warrior King Andie: what did you say? Ben: ehh Spike? Andie: no after spike Ben: Butch!? Andie: no after that one… Ben: Crawl the Warrior king Andie: Does Crawl the Warrior King want to come out and play?

ANDIE: I don’t think I could be with someone who doesn’t like animals and thinks I’m a *mental* person

Andie: I love everything about this house: the noise, the smell.
Ben: Well, the smell, that’s just Uncle Arnold

Andie: I want you to respect me
Ben: …I do..and I want your respect
Andie: I respect you for respecting me
Ben: I respect that
Andie: Good.

Andie: Look what I got… Tony: Oh look at that! Ben: Look at him go…what is it? Andie: Well a Chinese Crested of course! Ben: No kiddin a chinese crested. Thats like a dog right?

Andie:I just got an embarrassing display of white roses. Ben:Your welcome.

Are you calling me some kind of MENTAL PERSON?!?!?!?

B: What is it? A: A chinese crustit of course. B: No kidding a chinese crusit! A: Ben, you’re hurting crawl’s feelings! T: Crawl is it? A: Crawl, Crawl the warrior king!

babigirl4lyfe08: r u wit X?
sUrFb114eva: wut?
sUrFb114eva: goin out?
sUrFb114eva: hell no
babigirl4lyfe08: yeh
babigirl4lyfe08: lol
sUrFb114eva: no
sUrFb114eva: uh huh

barry is the king u meatballs

ben is it diet?

Ben puts on Hot In Herre, lights candles, turns to walk off, he stops and says)Diamond is no one night stand..that’s right (turns off song and plays a softer one and then blows out candles) Diamond is a long term commitment

Ben’s Mom: Now Andie, I hope you know that we expect you to come back here because you have held Ben to his LOWEST bullshit score since his tonsillectomy and we are THRILLED!
Andie Anderson: Why, were all Ben’s other girlfriends Bullshit losers?
Ben’s Mom: What other girlfriends? You are the first girl he ever brought home. Don’t you break his heart now

BEN) Don’t they say that a diamond is forever? We say a diamond is for everyone PHIL) I like that JUDY) We don’t (scoffs) A diamond is for everyone? Sends the message that diamonds are everywhere. Which means they’re not rare. And if they’re not rare, the lose their status. Status is the reason to buy them in the first place. Which Benjamin would know if he understood women, which you don’t (they all laugh) PHIL) You can’t feel bad about that Ben, no man does.

Ben: Boy, you are already falling in love with me.
Andie: I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.

Ben: Bullshit..Andie: are you calling my bluff…Ben:yea i am

Ben: Excuse me, do you happen to know the score of the Knicks game?
Waitress: Do I look like the type of person who would know the score of a Knicks game?
Ben: dont.

Ben: What’s wrong?
Andie: It’s just that when your mom hugged me today..she really hugged me…..for winning a game of Bullshit.

Ben: You did your job.
Andie: Yes I did.
Ben: You wanted to lose a guy in ten days, well congratulations. You just lost him.
Andie: No I didn’t, Ben. ‘Cause you can’t lose something you never had.

Ben: You wanted to loose a guy in 10 days, well there you go…you lose him
Andie:’re wrong. Because you cant loose something you never had

Ben: You wanted to loose a guy in 10 days, well there you go…you lost him

Andie:’re wrong. Because you cant loose something you never had

Ben:You owe me $300!!


Benny Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo


Benny Wenny!!!!!

Benny, it’s me! Where are you?


Bull SHIT!!!!


call me later you slut

Crawl the warrior king

Do you think I’m some kind of MENTAL (throws the veggies) person?

Do you think maybe he thinks the felt is grass?

Does Princess Sofia want to come out and play?

Does Princess Sophia wanna come out and play?

Does Princess Sophia want to come out any play?!?!

Does Princess Sophia want to play?

drama drama drama

Frost yourself.

Girl- Our love furn!It’s dead.
Guy- No, honey, it’s just sleeping.
Girl- You let it die!Are you gonna let us die? You shoudl think about that!

Girl: I actually told him that i loved him Girl: after how many days? Girl: five…two…it’s how i felt i wanted to express myself

Happy… little… plaid… family…(laugh)

Here, blow! Nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles!

How about ‘Glitter’?

I don’t trust women. In fact, I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die

I love ya Benny, but I don’t have to like ya right now!

I love ya Binky, but I don’t have to like you right now

I love you Benny, but I don’t have to like you right now.

I love you but I SO do not have to like you right now!

I see…..and how long have you been attracted to other men?

I’m going to go back in there and watch Sleepless in Seattle. Nobody screw with me!

I’m sorry. I sweat when I get nervous!

Kristen loves jospeh but he is really tony…and she looks exactly like Michelle!!

little or big, little or big , i dont know we will see.

little-big-little-big i don’t know we will find out!!

Mother:You are the first girlfriend he’s ever brought home!


No I didn’t Ben. Cause you can’t lose something you never had.

No I didnt Ben. Cause you can lose something you never had.

NO! You should name it something manly like…Thor!

Nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles!

Now I’m going to go back in there and finish watching ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. Nobody screw with me!

Oh I see Benjamin. And when was it that you first realized you were attracted to other men?

Oh whoa… he’s a pisser.

Okay, true or false, All is fair in love and war…true…good answer.

Our love fern! You let it die!
No, honey, it’s just sleeping.

our love fern, you let it DIE!!!

Our love fern, you let it die, are going to let us die?

Princess Sophia

Saving the world one keg party at a time.

sorry i just can’t be with someone who hates animals and thinks im a mental person

Tinkle Tinkle….well do you think maybe he thought the felt was grass?

tomorrow night.what happens tomorrow night? only the most exhilerating and artistic display of athletic competition known to mankind. The icecapades are in town? No the NBA finals are in town, and I got tickets!!!

Tone-deaf and drunk is not a good combination.

True or false… all is fair in love and war?

Two Hot dogs and a couple of beers and you’ll be whistling different tunes!! ~~ KeLL MaRiE ~~

Waitress:Is there something wrong with the barley? Andie:No it’s fine…it’s boyfriend thinks I’m fat…And I can’t eat in front of him, I can’t EAT in front YOU!

Well, Benny Wenny’s told us a lot about you too.

Who needs men? Ladies frost yourselves

Women in Lust want Chocolate -Women in Love want Diamonds

Yeah, nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles

You can’t lose what you never had.

You cant lose something you never had.

you let it DIE!

Your hitting on our shrink

Your not really a psychologist are you

Your wrong Ben, because you can’t loose something that you never had.

Yucky yucky pizza, yucky pizza. Yummy yummy cucumber sandwiches!

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