Movie Quotes from How to Be a Player: Quotes from the movie How to Be a Player

-It smells in here!..Like Bdussy!
–What the hell is that?
-Booty dick and pussy

1) Face it, your girl is SWEATIN me! 2) She SWEATIN you because you need some A.C. up in this mother fucker!

1) Oh, who is she? Who is she? 2) I’m am his woman. Who are you TRAMP!

AAAAAAHHH! I know that this bitch, is not wearing the shirt that I bought your trifling ass with my HARD EARNED MONEY! HUH?! OH YOU JUST OPENED A BIG CAN OF ASS WHOOPIN’!

Big bad Momma.

Cardinal rule #1…Never ever mess with a girl in your building, you’ll live to regret it.

Create a hostile environment and a player will repent and reform

I know you didn’t invite another ‘I wish I had a better weave girlfriends over. This one better be housebroken.

Like some kind o’ pimped out Yoda.

mmmm! Girlfriend can cook! But she’s stupid as hell for cookin’ for you.

This is a front. I’m ‘fronting’ as you people say.

You’re probably wondering, ‘What’s with the ice?’ If you don’t know, you better ask somebody

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