Movie Quotes from House on Carroll Street, The: Quotes from the movie House on Carroll Street, The

–If these men are war criminals…
–They’re not. I assure you of that.

–You didn’t tell me about this group.–What’s to tell? A favor for important people.–I certified they were genuine refugees.

Americans put the month first. Europeans put the day, so it could also mean that it’s the first day of the eighth month.

Be careful that your reach does not exceed your grasp.

Emily, what do you want?

Everything’s a joke to you, isn’t it? Bringing in Nazis disguised as Jews.

I believe that house is connected with something terrible.

I need the job.

I never lied to anyone!

I will not give you their names!

Is this the one?

Nobody knows who he is. Nobody knows where he lived. No I.D. No clothes. Zilch. Nothing. He didn’t exist.

They didn’t bother me. They disturbed me.

They’re being smuggled into the country as people who are dead.

We are an organization devoted to the cause of civil liberties.

Well, at least you’ve got spunk.

What’s so special about 1851?

You had a future here.

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