Movie Quotes from House on 92nd Street, The: Quotes from the movie House on 92nd Street, The

–Looking for something, Colonel?
–I’m just naturally cautious.

A man who can keep 14 games of chess going at the same time, and you don’t remember?

But the F.B.I. knew that these societies were part of a well-laid German plan to build-up a fifth column in the United States.

For war is thought, and thought is information. And he who knows most strikes hardest.

Inspector Briggs was given the responsibility of solving the Christopher case.

Mr. Christopher will concentrate on Process 97.

Nucleus of the Nazi network in America was the German embassy in Washington, protected until a declaration of war by diplomatic immunity.

Right now, you’re what we call a ‘sleeper agent.’ You were planted here a long time ago by the Nazis.

We know all about you, Roper. We’ve traced you back to the day you were born. We even know the approximate hour that you’re scheduled to die.

With a war on, there are a lot of restrictions.

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