Movie Quotes from Hostage: Quotes from the movie Hostage

–What do you say we rename today ‘Low-crime Monday’? Followed by what?
–Low-crime Tuesday.

1/_This is not Los Angeles, Jeffrey… you don’t want another dead child on your conscience. Now we’re almost home, you and me, so KEEP YOUR SHIT TOGETHER
2/_Yeah, you too

Be cool, Dennis. Be cool.

Fuckin Rich People

Fuckin’ rich people

Go ahead! Kill my family! Kill me! Before you do, let me get to Smith’s house and I’m gonna box up all that dead motherfucker’s DVD’s and you and the feds can bid on it on eBay! How’s that, smart fuck?!

Heaven Can Wait.

I am the guy.

I cook the books. You know, set up shell companies, offshore accounts. And I would encrypt it onto a disk and leave it at the drop point.

I’m tired, tired, tired of being a stupid sex symbol.

Let’s bring this home, Talley.

Let’s just go to the movies.

No One Dies Today.

That would be the white phone.

This isn’t Los Angeles, Jeffrey.

What’s the best day of your life? You don’t know? Mine’s today.

[Tagline] Would you sacrifice another family to save your own?

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