Movie Quotes from Hopscotch: Quotes from the movie Hopscotch

–I just want to charter it. I don’t wanna buy it.

–Does he bite?
–Only people he doesn’t like.
–I only bite people I like.

–I could make a run for it, you know.
–Come on, Yaskov. You running, me chasing? We’d look like Laurel and Hardy.

–We’re having our picture taken.
–That’s Follett. He’s an idiot. Probably no film in the camera.

–What are you going to write about?
–I’m going to tell the truth.
–Oh, it’s a work of fiction.

–What’s the name of the book?

–You seem like a nice man. You remind me of my father.
–That’s always been my problem.

–You still owe me $135.62.
–You wanna take it out in trade?

1/_Hey, Myerson…. Say, I thought you were taller. I don’t remember you being this short, how’d you get so short?
2/_Up yours, Kendig

1/_The cleaning lady will untie you in the morning.
2/_I hope she’s pretty…

1/_What are you going write about?
2/_I’m gunna tell the truth
1/_Ahhhh it’s a work of fiction, I seeeeeee, you didn’t say that, did you?

Good morning Mr Myerson, you short person

He’s talking about the Russians in Cuba again.

I’ve left everything to the Flat Earth Society.

Just call that real estate dame and tell her to rent it out…Tell her no kids, no pets, no Democrats.

Oh do stop following me around, you’re making my dog very nervous, he detests the smell of stupidity

What’d you want me to do, terminate him?

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