Movie Quotes from Home Room: Quotes from the movie Home Room

Deanna: You wanna know what it means?… It doesn’t mean a god damn thing in the world…

Erika: There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin!
Busy: Of course not,they even wrote a song about it,Was it.. Bananarama?.. No!!! The Go go’s!! Our lips are sealed!
Erika: Okay first off,ew,second it’s about a bunch girls trying to keep a secret.
Busy: Well,If I wasn’t getting any I’d keep it a secret too.

How do you stay in the sack so long? The sun rises right into this room every morning


Now see this? [exposes wrist] See,what they don’t tell you in the movies is if you slice your wrists you also cut through tendons,I have hardly any use in this hand,it took them a year to teach me how to write with the other

People who think that morning is the best part of the day are the same kinds of people who think that crust is the best part of the pizza.

theres alot of real evil in this world….and somtimes..evil wins

Van Zant: High school is not for kids anymore.

what i said yesterday doesn’t mean dick today.

What is it about your cranium that invites such folly?

WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You think you can come in here and you can spend ten minutes and come out with all the FUCKING ANSWERS? Hey, I’ve got one: kids pick up guns and THEY KILL OTHER KIDS. That’s it! And if that answer isn’t good enough, then maybe you should see a doctor or a priest and you can ask THEM why. And they’ll feed you all the psycho babble you can stand or they’ll tell you that God has some ‘greater plan’ for everyone. And when you keep pressing and those answers aren’t good enough, all they’ll have left to tell you is the unholy truth, that KIDS JUST DIE. And babies die too. It just happens. So you live with it

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