Movie Quotes from Home Fries: Quotes from the movie Home Fries

1)I’d like to be the father-to-be. 2)You can’t be the father and the brother at the same time! That’s the kind of thing that messes kids up!

1)I’ve always dreamed of being a big hit singer. 2)Oh, can you sing? 1)No, that’s why they call them dreams.

dorian… have you ever heard of lamaze?

I’m your brother, Dorian. Step-brother, actually. Technically, your father was married to my mother and he’s also my step-father so, I think we’re pretty much okay there. Now, your mother wasn’t married to your father, but your father was married to your grandmother. Yeah, you probably won’t be seeing a lot of her. But I do want you to meet Angus, your step-brother, my brother. He’s got a short commitment to the state but the main thing…. the thing is…. family’s the thing. And you got that in spades.

oddly enough, i dreamt about her last night. i gathered that she was caucasion, and this was a strange observation, because her body was black. she had the body of huge, black ant.

Watch your toes, Ma!

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