Movie Quotes from Holiday in the Sun: Quotes from the movie Holiday in the Sun

(1) That one’s ready for marriage. (2) How do you know? (3) Pierced ear. He knows pain and he’s bought jewlery.

1) Hey, whats up? 2)Not my temperature.

1) PI 2)Puking incident. Some kid puked all over the shark pool. Anyway, I need you to clean it up for me right away. A.S.A.P.

Alex- You know what your problem is? You wanna have your cake and eat it too.

Alex: well you know what they say, you cant have your cake and eat it too. Madison: Sure you can. Alex: k why are you saying you can when you can’t I mena everybody knows you cant. Madison: I’m saying you can because everyone gets it wrong, what you mean to say is you cant eat your cake and have it too, now that you can’t have. Alex: Hmmm I never thought of it that way, you cant eat your cake and have it too. except… Madison: What do you mean exceot there is no except…

Another beer?? Keagan:Yeah, heavy on the root.

Briana- Now that we know each other let’s get a few things straight. I get what I want. And this winter break, I want Jordan. Alex- Briana Wallace, let the games begin.

Briana: Hi Im Briana Wallace as in the Wlaace Department Store Wallace.
Jordan: Im Jordan Landers as in Lander’s Lumber Landers.
Briana: A sense of humor i like it.

everybodys got a hobbie and your mine

Hi! Brianna: Bye! Guy: hey! Brianna: nothing, and stay away from me. Guy: what’s up? Brianna: not my temperature!

I need a beach…i need a martini…STAT!

I’ve made my bed and now i have to sleep in it.

Jordan(to alex):wanna dance?
alex: sure
Brianna(walkin over to jordan):Jordan, wanna dance?
Jordan: yea with Alex.

Madison: Well theres this guy i like and i think he likes me but he just doesnt show it
Griffin: Well maybe this guy needs u to make the first move
Madison: Well thats why im coming to you…its Scott
Griffin(with dissapointed look on his face): right right who else would it be.
Madison: I like him and all its just i think he needs a little necouraging.
Griffin: and you want me to give it to him.
Madison:Thanx(giving him a kiss)


Madison:I feel the need…
Alex: The need for speed

Our parents ditched us!

So when are we gonna start talking about books? M: we can talk about books anytime, i love books! Scott: so, tell me Madison, do you like to read? M: well that’s what i do with books, i read them. S: I like Judy Bloom. M: OMG she used to be my favorite! what have you read by her? S: Flubber. what is that wrong? M: well ya, but only by 1 letter. It’s Blubber. S: oh….so do you read sports illustrated?

Whats that sound? Thats the sound of the beach calling our names!!

Whats that sound? Thats the sound of the beach calling out names!!

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