Movie Quotes from His Kind of Woman: Quotes from the movie His Kind of Woman

–Do you mind if I join you?
–Seems you have.

–I’m too young to die. How about you?
–Too well-known.

–Morro rather implied you were a gambler.
–The way I do it, it isn’t gambling.

–She is beautiful as well as interesting, isn’t she?
–She’s beautiful, that’s always interesting.

–Whenever I have nothing to do and I can’t think, I always iron my money.
–What do ya do when you’re broke?
–When I’m broke, I press my pants.

A lone wolf without friends or relatives.

At my studio, all messages are handled by Western Union.

Everybody’s in trouble.

I was getting ready to take my tie off….wondering whether I should hang myself with it.

I went down there to cure a cold. I wound up doing 30 days.

If I’m not here by Wednesday, chop that door down.

This is no time to get mixed up with a woman, Milner.

Whenever I’m bored I always iron my money.

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