Movie Quotes from Hidden, The: Quotes from the movie Hidden, The

1: How does it feel to be human?
2: ……It’s alright.

1: I’m in the middle of a case here. I haven’t finished my shooting report. What am I supposed to do, drop this? Doesn’t anybody say please anymore?
2: Please.
1: Oh, how can I refuse?
2: You can’t.

1: It’s not over, is it?
2: No.
1: I want an explanation.
2: Explanation won’t help you.

1: No one deserves to die like that. I don’t care what the man’s done.
2: He killed 12 people, wounded 23 more, stole 6 cars — most of them Ferraris — robbed 8 banks, 6 supermarkets, 4 jewelry stores and a candy shop. Six of the ones he killed he carved up with a butcher knife. 2 of ’em were kids. He did all that in 2 weeks. If anybody deserves to go that way it sure in the hell was him.

1: Oh, no, don’t put it on my desk. Come on, man. Beck, do not put that on my desk. Do not put that on my desk. Beck, come on, gimme a break. I haven’t seen my wife in a month.
2: Believe me, she’s fine. I was with her last night and she said to say hello.
3: She sends you a big kiss.
1: You guys are very funny.
2: Y’know, she’s gettin’ kind of fat.

1: We’re goin’ in.
2: I’ll cover you.
1: I’d be safer if you didn’t.
2: Fine! I won’t cover you.
1: All right, cover me.
2: You want me to cover you or not?
1: I need you to cover me.
2: Fine. I’ll cover you.

1: What, do you read minds or is that just a shot in the dark?
2: No, I read minds.
1: Really? What am I thinking right now?
2: That I’m full of shit.
1: Impressive.

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