Movie Quotes from Hidalgo: Quotes from the movie Hidalgo

Frank T Hopkins: You can say whatever you want about me, but I’m gonna ask you not to talk about my horse that way.

Frank: You think we’ve got one more in us?

Hidalgo: *whinnying*

Frank: Me neither…

Hidalgo: *neigh*

Frank: What? I didn’t get you into this. You got me into it.

Jazira: Why are you risking your life for me?

Frank: My horse likes you.

Texas Jack Omohundro: You know what you’re up against, american friend? The ocean of fire is not just a race. It’s full of obstacles you can’t even imagine. And if the elements don’t kill you, your fellow riders will.

Frank T Hopkins: Sounds an awful lot like South Dakota.

I reckon if there’s a heaven on earth, there’s a hell too.

let her buck

Like I said, no one hurts my horse.

once you get past the legs its not to bad.

Racer: You will not Defeat me. I am born of a great Tribe. Peaople of the Horse!
Frank Hopkins: So am I.

What in the hellfire?

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