Movie Quotes from Head Over Heels: Quotes from the movie Head Over Heels

–What’ve you got?
–I haven’t got Laura.

-he’s a horny bastard isn’t he
-i wouldn’t know i just met him
-not him, the dog

-I feel like I know him intimently. -Darling. You left the blinds open. We all know him intimently. -Hey Mandi, How do you do that thing with your back?

-I got the runs…I mean I gotta run!

-I had a pet dingo named Amanda once. But me dad backed over her with a tracker. (laughs)Yea I was findin peices of her all summer. Tops of trees, my little sistas hair.

-I know what you’re thinking, you may think you have the worst taste in men, but you don’t…I do. My grade school boyfriend left me for someone with boobs, my high school boyfriend Charlie left me for well, someone with out any boobs.

-I think I’ll start looking for an apartment this weekend… (friend cuddles with her) or TOMORROW!

-Poor Mandy, I can’t see you but i know you must be sad.

-Roxanna, can I borrow that Steven Tyler thing again? -I dunno, I give to you I may never see again (holly hits her) FINE take it away!

-That’s the new CK girl. -She’s cute. -She looks 14… -Hello… -She’s 12

-This is my friend Lisa, she’s a blackbelt in karate. -Oh, me too. -Well sorry I scared you but it’s just me not some…PSYCHO KILLER!

-This is the room. -It looks like a closet. -Ha, closets don’t have windows! Besides…this is the closet.

-We call him Mr. Perfect because of the old woman, the school girls and the love child.

-Well it was nice meeting you and your huge dong. I mean his huge dong. -I’ve seen bigger than that. -I mean his huge DICK!

-You like him. -How can you tell? -That look on your face. I used to see it every time I caught me uncle Pete lookin’ at me.

Amanda, this is not what it looks like.

Amanda: He’s got some fatal flaw.
Candi: How do you know that?
Amanda: I’m attracted to him

Amanda: I searched his apartment and i know him… intimately.
Roxana: Honey, you left the blinds open. We all know him intimatley.

Amanda: I’ve got the runs. I mean, I’ve got to run. (walks away) Oh my God. I’ve got the runs

Amanda: Why are you talking your therapist about me?
Jade: She says I talk too much about myself.

Amanda: Why don’t you have a badge?
Jim: Because I’m undercover!
Amanda: Well Hey! You know what? I’m undercover too! Did you want to see my badge? Oopsie! I don’t have one!

Amanda: You pick guys bassed on their money? Jade: (sarcasm) No, we pick them basses on personality wha…(starts laughing)

Candi: Don’t envy us. We’re struggling.

Candi: If they get married, I’ll do the shower.
Jade: I’ll do the pictures.
Roxana: I do groomsmen

Candi: No props in charades! No props and no clothes! Uncle Pete’s rules.
Roxana: Ew!
Jade: No more stories from the dark farm, OK Candi?

do you believe in love at first sight? no, i believe you have to look alot deeper

do you believe in love at first sight? no, i believe you hvae to look alot deeper

He’s a horny bastard, isn’t he

Hey no props in charades no clothes either. That was Uncle Petes rules!Ewwww…

Holly: How much room do you need to sleep? But shoes, they need their space.

Holly: The rent’s $500. You can pay cash, check, money order, cash.

Holly: We have a lot of people interested, so what is it that you do?
Amanda: Oh, I work-
Holly: You work? I like you! Did I mention you’re in the lead for the apartment?

I have a realistic opinion of myself. I’m an ordinary person – I can’t live up to this thing you have about me…In fact, I’m worse than an ordinary person since I left a perfectly decent man for no good reason…I don’t deserve to be happy.

I look like STEEVY NICKS!!!

I think one day she just decided to go nuts because it was easier.

I’m getting hives just being around all these ugly people.

I’m gonna have red beans for dinner.

I’m not dead yet.

I’ma gonna have red beans for dinner…

If he didn’t wash his hands, this investigation would be OVER.

If you think I’m that great, then there must be something wrong with you.

im sorry i fell on your big dick!

Ima gonna have red beans for dinner

Jade: I’m getting hives just from being around these ugly people.

Jade: Lemme just say, if he hadn’t washed his hands this investigation would be over right here.

Jade: Not one step further. This place is filthy.

Jade: That’s how we all got together. Holly: We’re the last 4 non-smoking models on the entire island of Manhatten. Amanda: Oh my god, you’re all models. Candi: Oh don’t envy us, we’re struggling.Roxanna: Da. Amanda: in this appartment? Holly: Our agency rents it to us for free. Roxanna: I don’t think she likes the models… Amanda: no, my boyfriend just left me for a model…(all look around)It’s not any of you. Jade: Oh, phew, I’m glad we don’t have to go through that one again.

jade: there is a heap of dirty laundry just sitting there.
candi: eww theres a blood stain on it
jade: thats why i brought it out
(taking pictures of it)
amanda: theres…theres a yellow stain right next to its (smells it) its catsup.
candi: shes a bleeding sherlock holmes

Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: (Referring to Amanda’s weak-kneed collapse after seeing him) Maybe you should have those checked.

jim: i guess hamlet likes you
amanda: you mean he doesnt tackle just anyone
jim: no he tackles everyone. but he only drools on his favorites.
amanda: well im flattered

Let me just say: If he hadn’t wash his hands this investigation would be over…Right here!!!

Lisa: Look busy.
Amanda: I am busy.
Lisa: Well, help me look busy.

New York City. Home to 8 million people. Roughly half of whom are men.
Which means half of the city is genetically predisposed to lie to the other half.

Oh him, that’s Jim Winston. The girls tell me he’s the best looking guy in the fashion biz. Except his head doesn’t normall look that big, It’s just the water that makes it look that way. -How do you know? -Oh I know a lot about water, Austrailia’s an island you know.

Oh honey, you borrowed my panties again

oh-my-god..if he hadnt washed his hands this investingation would have been over with!

person 1: listen to me all of you. young and old, gay and straight.
person 2: im gonna have red beans for dinner
person 1: and especially the deaf!

person 4: what are you doing
person 2:this is where the body fell
(splat on the window)
person 1: what was that
person 3: a kiwi awww
person 1: whats she doing. charades? why is she doin charades
person 3: o i love charades. wait stop. no props in charades. no props and no clothes. me uncle petes rules
person 2: eww
person 4: ok candi no more stories from the dark farm. pretty please

Roxana: And remember, turn on the headlights

Roxana: Hey Amanda? If you find a 20 dollar bill on the floor of someone else’s apartment is it the same as if you find it in the street?
Amanda: No.
Roxana: Then I haven’t found anything.

Roxana: Isn’t that the new CK girl?
Jade: Uh-huh. She’s cute.
Holly: You know, I heard they gave here eleven million dollars.
Amanda: She looks fourteen, though.
Holly: Hello?
Holly, Jade, Roxana: She’s twelve.

Roxana: [underneath Holly] Oh. You borrowed my panties again.

roxanna: hey amanda
amanda: yeah
roxanna: if you find a 20 dollar bill on the floor of somebody elses apartment is that like finding it on the street
amanda: no
roxanna: well then i havent found anything

Those little whores are good. They even bring the props.

We smell like poop

Why would you choose someone who loves you too little over someone who loves you too much?

Your gonna take me to jersey and whak me!

[pissed off at how she looks]
Amanda: I look like STEVIE NICKS!

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