Movie Quotes from Harriet the Spy: Quotes from the movie Harriet the Spy

1) Someone told me that the only reason you guys hang out with me is for my mother’s cake. 2) Well it is very good cake…

6th grade. All the usual suspects are back in action. First there’s Rachael Henesy. Marions’ second command. The only thing more pathetic than being Marion Hawthorn, is wanting to be Marion Hawthorn! Pink Whitehead. If Janie’s theory is correct, Pinky’s DNA was combined with a perectly Ogre Networth. Laura Peter’s looks like someone’s pinched her face, and it’s stuck that way. The boy with purple sock. A an of mystery. He never talks. If I were known only by y footwear, I’d hang myself! Then there’s our teacher, Miss Elson. She’s nice. I bet she’ll go on a phsyco killing spree and all of her neighours would say, she was nice and polite.

a writer is able to see all

Boy with ringlets, man with tattoos,girl on a leash? This kid looks like she could roll over and fetch! I learn everything I can and I write down everything I see.Golly says if I want to be a writer then I’d better start now. Which is why I am a spy

Good friends are one of life’s blessings. Don’t give them up without a fight.

Harriet: (Talking to the camera.) Hi My name is Harriet…you can call me Harriet..THE SPY! HE HE! I’m a fire croch and love to have sex! I know I’m a little girl but my parents always taught me to start early! I usually stand on the corner of 5th and Gorgia..I get really good business there! Usually guys are really impressed by my crotch! haha Oh yah I forgot something really important to tell you…I cum ALL the time. I just can’t stop cum from dripping out of my cooter. It runs down my leg all the time! In school my nickname is Harriet the Cummer. When I walk towards kids or teachers they scream ‘Harriets CUMMING’ Lol what funny friends! Well my best friend is a fat lesbian. We have sex sometimes..when I come home from school she washes my cooch and puts in my Cooter Passafier…my pussy sucks on it and it works as a cork up my pussy! But when I put it in then my piss hole starts leeking, and theres no Binkies for piss holes, so its a vicious cyle. Thats why i’m gonna go on a spy hunt to find a new piss hole passafier! I will find one I know it! Sometimes on bad days when I don’t fuck, I stick my moms curling iron up my crotch by SHHH dont say anything..hehe she always wonders why it smells like carrot juice! O boy…I just tell her its the shampoo shes using! One time I wrote an essay on how I thought that Abraham Lincoln was probably really good in bed because he was tall and probably had a massive cocker and could fuck my pussy anytime he wated to and stil a milkshake and burrido up my pussy! Then he could blow a firecracker up in my cunts face! I love getting melested by water rats and getting sucked grousome vulchers! Bye

Harriet: Ya know what? Suck it. I am HARRIET THE FUCKING SPY. I have gotten more sex from everyone in this neighborhood than your parents asses combined. I have had sex in the middle of the street when there’s a tornado floating by. I have sucked a man’s cooch once while walking my fucking dog. I have made tuna casserole while fucking your dad on top of my stove that was turned up to 10. That was hot shit. I have fucked everything and everyone in this neighborhood. You see that bush over there? In my cooter last week. See that tree branch with vaginal secretion all over it? That’s what me and your mom used last week as a dildo when we fucked on your front porch while I poured ranch dressing all over her hairy cooter. See the mailman? I fucked him while I was running the 4th grade marathon last week. Running and fucking… AT THE SAME TIME SLUT! Yeah. Take that bitch. (pulls out a knife) You see this? I used this to fuck your mamma’s ass hole. I am Harriet the Spy. I am the guru of sex, drugs, and fucking hard over a moonlit salami fire. I am the god of doing your mom with my clothes still on. I am the guru of 3 minute sex quickie’s with the janitor of our elementery. I have made more guys jack off in front of me than you can imagine. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the fucking of your mom. She howls like a goat pack sucking a rats poisioned ass hole. Yeah. That’s life. So suck it.

Holy Cats! A veggie theif! This must be investigated thourghly!

I know what I like, and I like tomato.

I will always have a notebook.

i will always remember that face. thats the face you make when you really lose something.

Knowing everything won’t do you a bit of good unless you use it to put beauty in the world.

So THAT’S where my Veronica’s Closet bra went to!

The boy with the purple socks, a man of mystery. He never talks. If I weere known only by my footwear, I’d hang myself.

There are as many ways to live as there are people in the world and each one deserves a closer look.

There are as many ways to live in this world as there are people in this world, and each one deserves a closer look.

This stuff is beyond crap. It is what crap wants to be when it grows up.

This stuff is beyond crap. This is what crap wants to be when it grows up.

You can’t be my friend if you’re not my friend.

You know what? You’re an individual, and that makes people nervous. And it’s gonna keep making people nervous for the rest of your life.

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