Movie Quotes from Harper: Quotes from the movie Harper

–I have no intention of gathering material for divorce proceedings. I only want to outlive him and see him in his grave. It’s a terrible thing to say.
–People in love will say anything.

–I’ll tell you something…As long as there’s a Siberia, you’ll find
Lew Harper on the job.
–Are you putting me on?
–Jeez, I don’t think so.

–Keep the change.
–There is no change.
–Keep it anyway.

–You think I’m old enough to be her father?
–You’re old enough to be her grandfather.

And you’ve got to admit it’s pretty extreme, hiring a private detective when your husband’s been gone just one night.

Hey, this detective work is really fun.

I used to be a sheriff until I passed my literacy test.

I’m awful tired of answering that question.

Kidnapping is a federal offense.

Kill the body and the head dies.

The bottom is loaded with nice people, Albert. Only cream and bastards rise.

You keep getting fooled by appearances.

You know, L.A. is the big league for religious nuts.

You’ve got a way of starting conversations that ends conversations.

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