Movie Quotes from Harlem Nights: Quotes from the movie Harlem Nights

(1) He was going to stab us, so I shot him.

(2) Bennie, Slim, Moses, would you help
get this dead motherfucker out, please?

The game’s over for tonight.
I’m taking this boy home to his mother.

(1) My mama’s dead.

(2) Well, your daddy.
(1) My father’s dead, too.

(2) Did you kill them?
(1) No, they’re just dead.

(1) I’m not afraid
of Calhoune. I have a gun, too.

(2) You got a gun, he’s got one.
His boys and his cops got guns.

He has judges on his payroll.
Don’t you feel a little uncomfortable?

You are a bad motherfucker. But that’s
a hundred guns against your gun.

That’s got to change something
in your mind.

(1) It’s not how many people you shoot,

it’s who you shoot.

(1) Vera, put that razor away.

Put it away, or I’ll blow
your pinkie toe off.

(2) Oh, so now you’re going to shoot me
in my pinkie toe.

(1) I’m not playing with you.

I’ll blow that little black, crusty toe
off your foot. Put the razor away!

(1) Vera, you know we tally up at 2 o’clock.
What is your problem?

(1) Kiss my ass. I have to watch
my girls until the last trick is gone.

I won’t ask a customer to roll over
so I can punch a goddamn clock.

This is your place, but I am in charge
of the girls. Just kiss my ass.

(1) What if we made love all night…

…and then made love all morning?

And all afternoon?

(2) What if we made love real hard
for 30 minutes

and drop off
into a deep coma-like sleep?

(1) What would a woman that fine
want with a fat, nasty, greasy,

fat, stank, bloated,

cheesy-backed, twelve-sandwich-eating
bastard like him?

(2) Maybe she likes fat guys.

1) T-t-t-t-t…t-t-t-t-t…t-t-t-t-t 2) TAXI!!!!!

1) You blind muthafucka!! 2) You fat bitch!!

Bennie Wilson: Excuse me, I got somethin’ in my eye.
Gambler: Well, get it the fuck out yer eye and roll the dice, you blind motherfucker!

Had you not picked up that trash can, she’d still be beatin’ your ass!

He was messing around with a Creole
girl, and she put voodoo on him.

His dick shrunk
to the size of a cocktail weenie.

I ain’t never comin’ home.

I ain’t no punk. You try to kill me, I kill you.

I got a girl whose pussy is so good if you threw it up in the air it’ll turn to sunshine.

I have got a girl whose pussy is so good, if you threw it up in the air it would turn into SUNSHINE.

I’m ‘ma shoot that little pinky toe of yours OFF!

I’m an honest ho. And all my hoes is honest.

im gonna shut this mother…. down

Its not how many you shoot.Its who you shoot.

Just ’cause your last name is Heroin don’t mean you gatta go around sellin’ it!

Now you done it. Now I got to cut you.

Oh so now you wanna shoot me in my pinky toe, well go head, there it is!

OH!SO you like to hit people with garbage cans.

Put that little muthafucka away! Don’t shoot that little muthafucka no more!

Put your mother on the phone.(brief pause)Hey it’s me. Look, I ain’t never comin’ home. Take it easy.

So you wanna hit people with garbage cans? Now I’ll have to CUT YA!

You shut up, Bennie. I’d tell you to kiss
my ass, but you’re too blind to find it.

You wanna shoot me in my pinky toe.

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