Movie Quotes from Hardball: Quotes from the movie Hardball

Cuz where I come from dont nobodies father come back.

damn miles you suck just like my girlfriend

Hey Hey..can we cool it with the bitches?

I great ablity in life is showing up… and I am amazed at your ablity to show up.

M.V.P most valuable pizza eata!

One of the most important things in life is showing up.

Thats some weak ass bullshit u bitch ass mothafuckin bustas!

Tooky:You smell like xactly!
Conner: xaclty?
Tooky: Yeah exactly like your ass!

we going to the ship

What do you do around here for fun?…. Play baseball with you.

yeah bitch, we da kakumbas

Yo Coach why dont you invted your pants down to shoes so they can party

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