Movie Quotes from Hanover Street: Quotes from the movie Hanover Street

1. How come every time we fly over, they shoot at us? 2. Because we drop bombs on them. 1. They have no sense of humor…CAN’T YOU GUYS TAKE A JOKE?

1. I don’t know what I’m doing here. 2. Yes you do.

1. I’d say you missed your bus. 2. I don’t own a bus. 1. I’ll buy ya one. 2. ooh how nice, a rich Yank.

1. My name is Phyllis! 2. Ruth, perhaps you are a spy!

1. Oh my God its the baby!! 2. Are you alright? 1. I’m frightfully sorry, sir, but it appears you’ve missed your bus.

1. Tell my wife I died a heroic man. 2. Tell her–yourself!

1. You people actually drink this stuff? 2. No we just like to put it in our cups and stare at it. 1. Tastes too much like, boiled water. 2. It is boiled water. 1. I knew there was a reason.

1:How do you drink this stuff? 2: We just sit and stare at it. 1:Tastes too much like, boiled water. 2: It is boiled water. 1: I knew there was a reason.

Even in my arms, you won’t tell me your name?

He says ‘we’…he’s not going. We’re we.

I bet your name is something like, Frank, and you’re embarrassed. Hey Frank…I think I love you.

I just wish your eyes weren’t that color.

I love you enough to let you go, which is more than I’ve ever felt about anyone in my life.

I wish I didn’t cry all the damn time.

Mummy is it good crying or bad crying?

Someone forgot to tell the Germans we’re only supposed to have light to moderate flak today.

Think of me when you drink tea.

Why do I cry all the damn time?

You know these things are made of metal right? Did you ever try and pick one up? You can’t you know why? Because it’s made of metal, and metal is heavy. You don’t believe me? Just try and pick one up, you’ll wrench your back, that’s what you’ll do. Air isn’t heavy, this pilot junk is heavy, it’s heavier than air, much heavier, don’t ya see? This thing is not supposed to be up in the air! I hate these things.

You’ve got to go to him, and I’ve got to turn and walk away.

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