Movie Quotes from Guy Thing, A: Quotes from the movie Guy Thing, A

> (girlfriend calling a department store) Yes, I have a question regarding your… um… underwear bins?
>> (clerk) Underwear bins??
> Oh yes, see my fiance here has informed me that he bought a pair of dirty women’s underwear out of one of your bins, and I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this…
>> My… My thoughts? On our… underwear bins?
> Yes.
>> (pause) These are my thoughts… I’m sick of it. Its some college kids playing a prank. They’ve been putting dirty underwear in our bins.
> What?
>> Yes, on behalf of Spend-mart I’d like to apologize. Tell you what, why don’t you have your fiance come on down and we’ll exchange them for a fresh pair, or even refund your money. Okay? Bye-bye now…
(she hangs up, baffled)
>> Poor bastard…

I can’t believe those fuckers sold me dirty underwear!!!

I have to tell you, Paul, that I’ve put a lot of thought into tomorrow’s ceremony. It will be somber, sacred…a reminder of what the true meaning of marriage is.

we slept together but we didn’t sleep together

Where to, Whitey?

You know you joke, but you really are a good guy.

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