Movie Quotes from Gunga Din: Quotes from the movie Gunga Din

Great generals are not made of jeweled swords and mustache wax but what is here (pointing to his heart) and what is here (pointing to his head)

I hate the blasted army, but friendship, well, that’s something else.

If ever a man deserved the name and rank of soldier, it was he. His name will be written on the rolls of our honored dead.

Kill for the love of killing! Kill for the love of Kali! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Really Sa’b, bugle will be most satisfactory.

See them down there, coiling and wiggling, sticking their pretty tongues out?

Take him to the tower and teach him the error of false pride.

The Colonel’s got to know!

Though I belted you and _____d you,
by the living god that made you.
You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din

You’re all under arrest!…Her Majesty is very touchy about having her subjects strangled.

You’re looking very regimental, Din!

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