Movie Quotes from Gung Ho: Quotes from the movie Gung Ho

#1: This is Looney Tunes! #2: Looney Tunes? #3: Ah reeb ah reeb, dat’s all folks.

A man has been injured! You may be next!

Don’t get me wrong.

Fifteen thousand cars.

G.I. Joe! G.I. Joe! (kid shoots toy rifle at parent)

i got it at sears…..where america shops

I’m not drowning! I’m freaking out!

In japan we pee for accuracy

It’s a one-eared elephant!

Look, here’s the deal: Two years ago the underwear factory closed down in Hadleyville, right?

Mr. Saito is a major fuckhead!

That’s the dealer’s worry. Every car can’t be perfect.

This is Looney Tunes!

We would like for you to be employee liaison.

We’re not gonna take it.

Working class man.

Ya? Well, if you guys are so great, how come we won the big one!?…….WHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!

Yo, made in Japan!

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