Movie Quotes from Groove: Quotes from the movie Groove

1) I’d Like to but a vowel
2) A or E??
1) A
3) Tell Him what he’s won
1) An all expensen Paid trip to your cerebral Cortex

1) This tastes increadible
2) You took some good shit

1) You’re really beautiful
2) You’re Really high
1) If i wasn’t high I’d still think you were beautiful, I just wouldn’t tell you

Good night…No busts…And some fuckin electricity!!!
(from background) FUCK ME!!!!

I do it for the Nod

if you learned anything tonight, i hope it’s this…this shit ain’t over till the last record spins

It aint over til the last record spins.

It’s just trance – you wouldn’t like it.

Remember, No obstacles, Only challenges

Would you like to buy a vowel?! A or E?

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