Movie Quotes from Grind: Quotes from the movie Grind

(at the skate shop) … Im your best customer, im here everyday.- Yeah but you never buy anything … start spending money … MONEY SPENDIN’S GOOD!

(skate shop owner) jimmy was , jimmy was jimmy, jimmy was of the hook

1)WE FITTIN 2 BUST YOU IN TO GRILL SON!!!!!!! 2)YA IN YO GRRRIILLLZZZZ!!!! 3) in our grills is someone having a barbeque later??

sweet lou – whats up girl – you sweet lou – niice ….. you uh wanna make out girl – yeah sure

Aughhhhhhhhhhhh, Hey man I just got violated by a lizard man…Actually it felt kinda nice..haha

bam- get me a skateboard
store owner- which one do you want?
bam- i dont care they’re all the same shape

Does it make you mad cause you cant read

dudes get the moron out of the pool

Dustin: Are you thirsty? Let me go get you another glass of ‘bitch’.

Dustin: I’m gonna snap your neck like a glowstick!

dustin: so to recap, we smell like turds, we have no car, no jimmy wilson, and im broke so i guess you can call me stupid

Dustin: What the hell’s wrong with you?Matt: I hate clowns.

Greetings from the interior.

hows it hangin?…slightly to the left

I bet you never turn down pie.

i cant believe they’ve never heard of super duper skates. that’s just a freaking outrage.

I got 5 bucks on pepperoni!!

I just got violated by a lizard….and i think i liked it!

I like ’em two at a time and rrround

I’m catching hepatitus just looking at it.

I’m gonna snap your neck like a glo stick

I’m gonna snap your neck like a glowstick!

I’m so sick of this butt-rock!*throws cd out the window*

im in 7th im 12 bitch!

Jimmy was off da hook…OFF…da hook. Off.

Let me get you another glass of bitch.

Let me go get you another glass of bitch…

matt – guy im in a dry spell
dustin – do be in a dry spell you had to of had sex
matt – ive had sex
dustin – with a human not an animal
matt – man who makes these rules

stoner – it already happened

matt- Wow lou, you smell! when was the last u bathed??? oinker!

Matt: *Fart* ugh
Seth: ugh
Matt: Greetings from the interior
Eric: MATT!!
Sweet Lou: ugh I think I can taste that one
*Matt very confused….*
Eric: MATT!!
Matt: that wa’nt me
Gay guy: Sorry, that was me…WOO….can i have my underwear back?

Matt: Do you think that guy does his own laundry?

Eric: Are you kidding, he gets sick of a shirt, throws it out and gets another one FO FWEE!!

Matt: I WANT!

Matt: Don’t be sad

Matt: DUDE! I JUST GOT VIOLATED BY A LIZARD!! …..actually it felt kinda good.

Matt: I hate clowns man..

Matt: I’m with the release the twins foundation.
Girl: What are you talking about?
Matt: How ’bout releasing those twins?!

Matt: its time to meet the clowns man..

Matt: Lou Lou bo bou banana fanana fo fou fee fye mo mou ::licks cheek:: Lou
(moves to the font of the van) Chuck Chuck bo buck banana fanana fo fuahaghghg (tire pops)

Nice tits can i spweez them

ok let me go get you another glass of bitch!

Oohh! Black leather. That’s just how Snoop would do it.

Put some soday pop on it.

Slug bug!

So…do you wanna make-out?

Stoner:Jimmy was off the hook off the hook

Sweet Lou cleans no man’s poop

Sweet Lou cleans no mans poop

Sweet Lou’s in love

Sweet Lou: Hey What’s up?
Girl: You
Sweet Lou: Nice… want to make out?
Girl: Sure.


two scoops cheddar, one scoop onion, my friend

Uh, guys? I can hear you…

Wake up and smell the desperation

Wham bam steal the van

Wigga 1-Yea, we gunna bust you in yo’ grills!
Wigga 2-In yo’ GRILLS!
Dustin- Our Grills? Is there gonna be some sort of barbecue later?

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